Days 11 & 12 of the trek
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Day 11 : At a "donkey station" on the way out of Chhomrong on our way to Ghurka country, Ghandrung. Local villagers racing each other with heavy packs on their backs. Even with the heavy packs, these villagers can run really fast up and down the trail!
Landruk - little girl having her breakfast. Hmm, the cereals must be yummy judging from the satisfaction on her face.
At the "gates" leading to the village of Ghandrung of the famed Ghurka soldiers. Those things build into the wall are prayer wheels. It is believed that by rotating them clockwise, you are sending your prayers to the heavens.
This is the only telephone centre in Ghandrung and you had better make use of it when the sun is out, because it runs on solar power! Calls are charged at Rp100 / min and are timed using a stopwatch! At the lawn of the Namaste Guest House waiting for our porters to arrive. We had been walking very fast today and even Subas was surprised at our speed. It seemed like as the trek went on, we got stronger and stronger!
Day 12 : Planks being sawn the old fashioned way using a large saw and human power. Because of increasing tourist traffic, particularly during the autumn months when it is peak trekking season, lodges and villages are constantly expanding. On the way to Tolka from Ghandrung. Children playing on top of a big rock amid fast flowing waters of the Modi Khola (river).
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Millet bread - looks like flattened cow dunk in this picture, doesn't it? To me, it tasted bitter and it's eaten with pounded chillies. Definitely not my kind of food.