Days 9 & 10 of the trek
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Day 9 : The friendly cook at MBC - we asked if he could show us how to make Tibetan bread - he oblidged. We had been eating Tibetan bread during our trek & liked it. So here's our chance to see it made - it tastes great with trekking honey! These cooks work magic with the limited resources they have up there.
A sneek peek beneath the table top in the dining hall at MBC. The blue object is a standard kerosene stove, lighted and placed underneath the table to warm our legs & hands. Campers are required to pay 20Rps for this luxury. We waited in the dining hall while waiting for our group of 3 to return from their excursion to ABC.
Standing in front of the guest house at MBC prior to embarking for Himalaya Hotel. On the trail down to Himalaya Hotel. MBC is somewhere behind those big rocks!
Walking through a recent minor landslide somewhere past Hinko cave, going towards Himalaya Hotel. Proceed with caution esp. during or after a downpour. These areas are prone to slides.
Ram and Subas taking their lunch during a brief stop. That's rice and "dal bhat" they're eating with dried chillies - an essential appetiser for them. Kim Ai seem to want a share of the food...
Day 10 : At Himalaya Hotel the morning after, preparing to leave for Chhomrong. There'll be a flight of stairs that we'll have to climb to reach Chhomrong. It's gonna take an hour of hard climbing for this - locals make the steps in half the time! Mother combing her daughter's hair while the little one sleeps on the back of her elder sister. Family we came across on a brief drink stop just before reaching Sinuwa.
Sinuwa - menu on a pillar! How convenient when it comes time to order.
Notice the bottled drinks in the pot at the table - that's how drinks are kept cold everywhere on the trek.
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