Days 13 & 14 of the trek
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Day 13 : At the tourist check-post, Dhampus. School children playing the field during break.
Chickens in a cage strapped to the back of the porter going up the steps from Phedi towards Dhampus. Most chickens are reared for their eggs and not meat, which we found was super tough! Must be all the exercising running up and down the mountain chicken trails!
We finally reached Phedi, the end-point of our trek. It's the first time in almost 2 weeks that we've seen motorised vehicles or heard the loud horns from the trucks and buses.
Day 14 : Taking the public bus from Phedi to Pokhara - it sits 2 on one side and 3 on the other. Some trekkers sunbath on top! To stop the bus, bang hard on the roof or on the door! Sorting out our luggage at the bus station at Pokhara.
In Nepal, safety normally takes a back seat and anything goes on the roads. In this case, the hatch of the taxi was left open when our big bags couldn't fit into it's small back compartment! The whole team outside a Chinese restaurant in Pokhara before our farewell lunch.
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All of us having a hearty lunch. Thanks to our Nepali team for a wonderful job, and especially to Subas for being so kind and helpful during our entire trip.