Days 7 & 8 of the trek
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Day 7 : Having fun on the trek after being dubbed "The Great One". My left knee started to hurt after several days of trekking and had to be bandaged. Subas found me a stick which I started using from Chhomrong until the end of the trek. Walking sticks help but are really not necessary for this trek. Mountain goats put out to forage for food along the steep hills. Remember to always give way to animals (domesticated or otherwise) while on the trek.
Day 8 : On the trail from Dovan to MBC. This trek was one of the longest stretches in our interinary and all of us were spent by the time we reached base camp late in the afternoon. The latter part of the trail was constantly under cloud cover. That's 1Chee waltzing steadily.
All squeezed up into a room for added warmth in our room in Dovan. It was raining that night, then it stopped for a while and started raining hail. That was the only night it rained on our entire trip. Rooms are very basic and you sometimes find holes in the walls, so ladies, watch out! Dovan has electric power.
Another view of the trail to MBC. A shorter stretch to MBC will be to spend a night at Himalaya Hotel instead of at Dovan, which we did. Only at the halfway point (I think) to MBC - our luggage rolled down a hill when our porters stopped for a rest here. Luckily, nothing was damaged.
Closeup view of the team at the same location as the previous picture. Don't we all looked good? Subas is at the lower left, peering over his shoulder at us, always watchful about our safety. Standing on still un-melted packed snow from last season. They'll be snowfall during the winter months starting from Dec, so plan your trek accordingly as it gets quite trecherous during these periods.
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Up amongst the clouds & what a feeling - cold!