Days 5 & 6 of the trek
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Day 5: Breakfast at Duerali. It's Tibetan bread, toast and eggs with ginger tea for all.

Finally arrived at Tadapani - there were already a lot of trekkers there when we arrived there late afternoon.
All of us were hungry for meat after several days of local Nepali food, which is mainly vegetarian in nature. We bought a chicken along the way, here being de-feathered by Milike - mountain chicken meat is REALLY tough, fyi. Having an early night at Tadapani. This is a typical scene in our room(s) at the guest houses - dirty clothes all over the room. Because of the cold, most clothes will not dry overnight. Don't even think of washing them unless you arrive early when there is still sunshine.
Day 6 : Making a small donation to a school on the way to Chhomrong. Most kids along the way will ask for sweets, pencils, pens and notebooks. So bring plenty of these when you go trekking in Nepal. A cold bottle of Sprite after a strenous trek is the perfect way to quench your thirst. Food and drinks are brought up the trail using donkeys or human labour - so the higher you go, the more expensive it gets. Rp40 please!
Family of the guest house where we stopped for lunch enroute to Chhomrong. On the steep steps leading up to Chomrong. Seems dangerous from this angle, which is it's main intention. But in reality it's not at all.
Just arrived at the International Guest House, Chhomrong. It's a new guest house with good rooms and facilities. There is electric power in Chhomrong. Hungry trekkers topping up with Maggie instant noodles and packet cereals. YC must be very hungry. Kim Ai, why that smirk on your face?
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Some time alone to relax and reflect on the day's activities.