Days 3 & 4 of the trek
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Day 3: Admiring the morning sunrise and scenery just outside our guest house at Ulleri. We will be proceeding to Ghorepani today. The roof at right is made from slabs of stone!

Mother and daughter busy preparing our order on our lunch stop. Please ask permission first before taking any pictures of the locals.

Nice views on the way to Ghorepani with the snow scapped moutains constantly in the background. There were many flights from Pokhara to Jomson today, with the planes flying just over our heads! We saw many eagles today too.

At the "gates" leading to Ghorepani. We thought we were done with trekking for the day - little did we know that Subas had booked us at one of the guest houses higher up! Another 30 minutes to go and more climbing! Helped a group of Europeans to take their group photos on our way to the guest house.
Day 4 : Scene at Poon Hill at sunrise - seemed like a big international party at the top! The trek from Ghorepani to PoonHill takes about 1 hr & to see the sunrise, you have to leave Ghorepani by 5:00 am. Brilliant sunrise! Group picture at PoonHill ... we have a ninja amongst us! The long grass are very hard and spiky.
Picture with another Malaysian group from Penang. Malaysia Boleh! The team group picture at PoonHill - we stayed on till most of the people had left. Only then did we have the chance to take this picture as a group!
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Admiring the scene during a rest stop on the way to Deurali. The Ghorepani - Deurali route is a more open country trek, offering grand vistas. We began to hear Subas and Tim singing a catchy Nepali folk song called "Resam Firiri", meaning "Way to ABC".