My videotape collection

Besides reading and referring to books, manuals and photo magazines, I also have a small collection of videotapes. I recommend all of these titles, especially from the John Shaw series. If you'd like to know how and where to acquire these tapes, let me know via the feedback button on the homepage.

Tape Title
Creative outdoor photography Part I - Frans Lanting & Galen Rowell
A 2-part video learning adventure featuring two of the world's most famous outdoor photographers, Frans Lanting and Galen Rowell.

Video #1 explores:
The Visionary Wilderness: Translating Vision to Film
This module explains why the image we thought we saw is often so different from the image that ends up on film. Galen investigates this visual deception and tells us how to make images that end up being more powerful than what we see.

Eye to Eye: Principles of Wildlife Photography
This segment covers both the creative and logistical challenges of wildlife photography. From location selection to film selection, and from trip length to focal length, you'll get Lanting's unique approaches to shooting in the wild.

Ethical Issues: Charting a Course into the Future of Photography
While photography always involves an element of illusion, the new practices of altering content through digital means or controlled shooting conditions are changing the field. Frans and Galen discuss how photographers can maintain credibility in this vrave new world.
Creative outdoor photography Part II - Frans Lanting & Galen Rowell

Video #2 Explores:
Every Picture Tells a Story: Editorial Approach to Nature
This module offers a look at how Frans conceptualizes images to express unique editorial ideas. See how Frans constructs an actual photo essay.

A Zone System for Color: Innovative Exposure Techniques
Galen explains color photography methods. Learn how to control a full ten stops of contrast using neutral-density filters and fill-flash.

Publishing Your Vision: The Making of Photo Books
Understand the creation and production of two complete photo books. See actual materials from Frans and Galen projects, view original concepts, examine working stages and enjoy the end result of two highly acclaimed efforts.
  Effective composition Part I - John Shaw

In addition to being "technically correct", successful photographers must make their photographs aesthetically pleasing to communicate a particular feeling or mood to the viewer.

Even professionals find this to be one of the most difficult aspects of photography. John discusses in a clear and easily understandable way, how to use composition as a tool to better express your ideas.
  Effective composition Part II - John Shaw

This tape discusses the following :
Photographic Elements of Composition
Format (vertical versus horizontal)
Framing Your Image By Lens Selection
Image Placement within the Frame
Depth of Field and Selective Focus
Movement and Shutter Speed
Compositional Problems
  Field techniques and professional tips - John Shaw

Good field technique is critical to being a successful photographer whether you are working in your own backyard or in another part of the world.

Travel with John Shaw to Yellowstone, the Everglades and other locations and John will share how he plans a trip and selects the equipment he will use.
  Understanding exposure - John Shaw

Professionals and amateurs alike continually have problems getting correct exposure. This tape covers techniques that John Shaw uses to get perfect exposures every time by using a system similar to the zone system. By using his proven method, you will be able to get the exposures you want, consistently.
  Nikon - A video guide to the Nikon 35mm photo system
Nikon School Presents - The essence of light
Nikon School Presents - How to get the most from your Nikon N90/F90
Nikon School Presents - How to get the most from your Nikon N8008s/F801s
Nikon School Presents - How to get the most from your Nikon SB-25 speedlight
  On location with Art Wolfe

Whenever he goes ON LOCATION, Art Wolfe carries with him an innovative perspective, and intimate knowledge of his subjects, and a technical expertise unmatched in the world of outdoor photography.

This program is part outdoor adventure and part down-to-earth instruction in outdoor photography. Look over Art's shoulder as he tackles those spontaneous situations every outdoor photographer is likely to encounter. From selecting appropriate lens to framing an intimate wildlife portrait to handling low-light macro photography, here's the opportunity to experience Art's masterful insight and broad-based expertise.